the criminal’s favorite tool

Keylogging is one of the most common and effective forms of malware. If you bank, shop or share information by mobile device or computer, your personal and financial data is open to keylogging attacks. Keyloggers record every keystroke that you type on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Every password, every credit card number, every message … EVERYTHING you type.

Identity thieves and cyber predators can install keylogging spyware without your knowledge. Emails, videos, music files, software downloads — even legitimate websites and your favorite social networking sites are not immune. And most cyber security experts agree that anti-virus programs catch only 20% of “known” threats. Worse, anti-virus offers no protection against “zero day” attacks.

StrikeForce offers a proactive solution that can protect your information against zero-day attacks. We combine keystroke encryption with other must-have security features to give you complete peace of mind when using your electronic devices.

You type.
We protect.

Whether the cyber threat is known or unknown — even if your device is already infected — StrikeForce military-grade keystroke encryption can protect you and your family.

Protect your financial information.
Shop and bank online without revealing your credit card numbers, usernames, passwords or account details to keyloggers.
Protect your privacy.
Keep what you type in emails, text messages and documents out of the hands of cyber predators.
Protect your personal information.
Securely type your Social Security, health and other personally identifying information.

Outsmart the bad guys

Keyloggers are designed to do one thing — steal every keystroke typed onto a keyboard. StrikeForce patented anti-keylogging technology outsmarts cyber criminals. It encrypts your keystroke data and creates a safe pathway from your keyboard into your computer application or mobile app.

  • StrikeForce has made its solutions available to corporate customers and now — thankfully — the company is taking it directly to the individuals who need the protection the most. GuardedID® needs to be on every computer.

    Chris Shipley