“WannaCrypt” ransomware scam demands payment in advance!

What’s worse than ransomware that scrambles all your files and demands money for the key to unlock them and get them back?

Well, WannaCry certainly added a new dimension to the ransomware danger, because it combined the data-scrambling process with self-spreading computer virus code.

As a result, WannaCry could worm its way through your network automatically, potentially leaving you with hundreds or even thousands of scrambled computers in a single attack, even if only one user opened a booby-trapped attachment or downloaded a file from a poisoned website.

The crooks behind the SamSam ransomware have also latched onto a rather different approach: instead of trying to reach thousands or tens of thousands of victims around the world with a hard-hitting spam campaign, and squeezing each of them for hundreds or thousands of dollars each, the SamSammers seem to attack one organisation at a time.

Indeed, the SamSammers generally keep their hand hidden until they have broken into the network and figured out, using similar techniques to penetration testers, a list of computers they know they can encrypt all at the same time.

Then they let fly on all of those identified devices at once, giving them a much higher chance of scrambling at least some computers that are critical to the workflow of your company,

Finally, they make a payment demand, typically charging a few thousand dollars for each individual computer you want to unlock, but also offering an all-you-can-eat deal of $50,000 to decrypt everything.

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