Yahoo Hack…Revisited | Online Security – What You Need to Know … Episode 5

The latest episode of Online Security — What You Need to Know has officially landed! Following news of another Yahoo hack / security breach, StrikeForce’s George and Scott sit down to tell you what you can do to prevent your information from being stolen.

In today’s cybersociety, it’s only safe to assume that a new virus has already made its way onto your computer. At that point, anti-virus software and standard ID-theft protection are not enough to protect your information. You need to do more.

Now, we aren’t about to give away all of George’s tips here, but we’ll tell you that before you do anything else, change your passwords! Then, head to the StrikeForce YouTube channel and check out this week’s video.

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As every Yahoo hack reminds us, it can be a scary time out there in the cyberverse. Stay safe with GuardedID® and MobileTrust®.


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Online Security – What You Need to Know … (In Under 3 Minutes!), is an ongoing vlog series from StrikeForce that focuses on must-watch topics in personal and small business cyber security.

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