GuardedID® & MobileTrust® — protection for PC, Mac and mobile devices

Choose which devices to protect for a whole year. All options include Windows/Mac and Android/iOS compatibility, FREE updates, and online support.

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  • 5 Devices
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  • Small Business
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Need help? Check out our GuardedID® FAQ or MobileTrust® FAQ or send us your question.

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Anti-virus is not enough

You can practice good “cyber hygiene” and still get infected! AV stops fewer than 25% of known viruses, and is 0% effective against a new or unknown virus. Even Mac users are at risk. With GuardedID®and MobileTrust®, you get our military-grade keystroke encryption technology to outsmart the bad guys. If your device is infected, you’re still protected.

GuardedID® and MobileTrust® are available separately at:
  • StrikeForce prevents identity theft by keylogging by never letting the thieves get a look at the keys.

    Chris Shipley

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